Sydney, New South Wales - picomoments by kreeson

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Bridge on John Ian Wing Parade, Newington, NSW, Australia

Taken on the Corner of John Ian Wing Parade and Hill Road, Sydney Olympic Park from the spiral hill top.

Had the privilege of receiving the below email:

"Great Photo

As you travel over the bridge and drive along the John Ian Wing Parade and into the former Olympic Village, you will see street signs with the names of famous Olympic athletes and then you will wonder, "Who in the hell is John Ian Wing".

In 1956, the world was in a grip of fear because of a number of conflicts around the globe. In November of the same year, the Olympic Games came to Melbourne. There were boycotts and much tension and fighting among the athletes.

Prior to the 1956 Games, athletes were not permitted to march in the Closing Ceremony, but a schoolboy wanted to hold a Peace March on the last day. President Brundage agreed to the boy's request and for the first time in Olympic history, athletes marched in the Closing Ceremony united as one Olympic Nation. At the 2000 Sydney Games, all the athletes came together in the Olympic Village to intermingle and form one Olympic Nation. They walked across this same bridge on the final day and entered the Olympic Stadium as One Nation.

My name is John Ian Wing"

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