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A little about me

My name is Kreeson Naraidoo, a professional photographer based in Sydney, Australia.  I specialise in Portraiture, Food and Travel photography.  I'm also available to cover Events, Headshots, and other aspects of photography.

I'm also an Analyst, a Creative, a Lego enthusiast, a Husband and a Dad.  I was born and raised in Durban, South Africa and relocated to Sydney, Australia in 2008.  My love for photography grew stronger day to day as I captured things that caught my eye and more so as the editing process developed to express my style.  I'm passionate about the work I do in all regards as details captivate me.

Services I offer

Real Estate,
Food & Drink, and
Product Photography

I also offer:

If you're in search of photographic services or would like to be mentored or have any questions, get in touch and let's talk.

Kreeson Naraidoo
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