About - picomoments by kreeson

The name's Kreeson Naraidoo, South African born, Sydney Photographer.

I started this photographic journey over a decade ago.  It has been exciting, challenging and rather rewarding.  Started of with Canon, then moved on to Nikon, thereafter to Fujifilm and now I'm with Sony. 

Some may think that this guy has some serious G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome), but truth be told, I've been in search for equipment I can trust and also were the vendors can support me.    

I'm an analyst, a photographer, a creative, a husband and a dad.  

I'm passionate about the work I do in all regards as the details captivate me.

What services I offer: 

Real Estate, 
Food & Drink, 
Product Photography
as well as Retouching.

If you're in search of photographic services or
would like to be mentored or have any questions,
get in touch and let's talk.

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